LinkedIn Answers : RSS Feeds

// This page is no longer maintained. I'm now busy running Deep Blue Sky an awesome web design and developer agency in Bath.

On the right you'll find links to RSS feeds of LinkedIn's top Questions.. Before subscribing please scan through this page.

Legal Note

The content for these RSS feeds is lifted directly from and therefore copyright LinkedIn Corporation. I have built these feeds only as a helpful service to those people who already have access to this content through their own linkedIn accounts. Therefore, please don't distribute the link to this page to anyone outwith LinkedIn's network for now.

What is all this RSS nonsense anyway?

I've no idea... try Google

How often is this updated?

I'll grab the content once an hour for the moment.

Please ( if you know how to ) set your RSS reader not to update more frequently than that.

Why did you do this?

Because keeping up to date with RSS is easier than constantly logging into LinkedIn.

How did you do this?

With a very short, badly written bit of perl and generally standing on the shoulders of giants too numerous to cite here. Take a look at CPAN to see what I mean

Doesn't LinkedIn mind?

I don't know but the copyright issue aside I would hope not.


Beacuse it works to their advantage to have me read their site once an hour and you lot reading the RSS's of our server... It saves them all that bandwidth... and therefore money.

Why have the feeds stop working?

It's entirely possible that LinkedIn won't take kindly to my RSS'ifying of their Answers section and ask me to cease and desist. In which case your feeds may stop working. I appologise in advance if that happens.

Who are you?

This is me at linkedIn.

I've got a suggestion! / It's broken! / Why can't you 'xyz'?

I'd love any suggestions, feedback etc.. You can find me on linkedIn.

I'm bored of RSS... what else is there to life?

There's always Cheddar Vision - it'll blow your rind!